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The Viticolor 50 ml is a special gel which has been designed to enhance the immediate skin colour of vitiligo, during the treatment period and especially during phototherapy sessions. This product consists of a mixture of three colouring agents which have been medically approved (CL14700 red, CL19140 yellow and CL42090 blue), which help in the establishment of the immediate skin colour with a base of pigmentation consisting of DHA and Erythrulose so as to ensure a better long-lasting effect.

Also, these colouring agents are very helpful in determining a better and more precise application of the Viticolor. However, they may be gone if the skin is cleaned right after the application. Hence, it should be noted that the product will only have some visible changes after 8 hours since the application.

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Product Features

Mode of use:

  • It is advisable to put on the Viticolor gel only to those areas which are depigmented with the use of a brush which will be given in the product pack.
  • Using only the flat side of the brush, please ensure to start applying the gel from the centre of the areas of depigmentation, while slowly moving out in a circular motion till the end of the mark, and then, allow the gel to dry up.
  • Allow 8 hours since the application time so as to check the colour of the affected area with the surrounding skin.
  • In case the colour has not completed been changed according to your skin tone, please repeat the application process and allow another 8 hours for it to work until the desired colour is achieved.
  • Given that the Viticolor is a long-lasting product, it can be used one or twice every week so as to achieve the desired colour, whilst washing and showering as usual.
  • Gentle reminder: Please make sure that the gel has fully been dried up on the skin before putting on any piece of clothing since it may taint the fabrics.
  • The Viticolor will have a progressive effect on your skin colour until it will match your skin tone as accurately as possible. Thus, immediate results will not be seen after a single application.

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