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The Vitix Gel 50 ml is one of the most advanced and effective skincare gels which is very helpful in the establishment of the normal level of melanin in the skin and hence, preventing any further progression of the vitiligo. This product has a specific formula which helps in monitoring and regulating the normal melanin activity in the skin.

Scientifically proven to reduce up to 50% of the white patches on the skin surface when used in collaboration the phototherapy treatment. Additionally, a second scientific study showed that the probability of achieving satisfactory results can be increased to 50% in most cases.

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Product Features

Product features:

  • Composed of lots of microspheres from a special plant extract, it has great anti-oxidising features which help to remove any surplus of hydrogen peroxide in the skin, which can be lethal to the melanocytes.
  • Its Grainy effect consists of the microspheres which help in the protection of the skin and contain the necessary natural enzymes which are vital in the repigmentation of the skin.
  • Non-greasy dense gel with a a little grainy effect.
  • Help in the re-establishment of the melanocytes, cells manufacturing skin pigments.

Mode of application:

  • Apply two times per day so as to restore the normal melanin level. A normal and regular use can ensure great possibility of the return of the normal skin colour.
  • It can used in combination with other treatments of PUVA, UVB and heliotherapy (sunlight) therapy.
  • Apply only onto the infected areas with little and gentle massage in a circular motion.
  • It is advisable for the treatment to be non-stop for a minimum of 3-6 months for visible changes.
  • After application, allow the gel to completely dry up on the skin surface before applying your daily skin care cream and make up.

Product Specs


  • Plant-based ingredients with strong antioxidants which are essential in the repigmentation of the skin.

Important Notice:

  • The Vitix Gel may not be efficient for all persons as everyone reacts differently to their treatment.
  • The repigmentation of the white patches on the skin may be visible in terms of small circular marks or even homogeneously when there has not been a complete loss of the melanocytes in that area of the skin.
  • This treatment has been proven to be more effective if used in parallel with the phototherapy treatment. Please ensure to continue with the treatment regularly so as to see visible changes between the second and fourth month of use.

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